Division Lake Ramp Date Entry Fee Cull Info
Marshall's Marine Santee Cooper, SC John C Land 04-22-2023 $200
Tournament Info: NO LOCKING DOWN TO THE COOPER RIVER! CBC Marshalls Marine Santee Cooper, SC Qualifier goes off limits at 12:00 AM April 16! Registration for Santee Cooper, SC April 22 Marshalls Marine Qualifier is open until Wednesday April 19 up until Midnight. A TEAM MUST BE PAID BY MIDNIGHT WEDNESDAY April 19. NO EXCEPTIONS. Off Limits start at 12:00 AM Monday April 16 through Friday April 21. YOU CANNOT BE ON TOURNAMENT WATERS DURING THIS TIME. NO EXCEPTIONS. Legal fishing starts after you blast off Sat April 22 Blast Off Positions will be posted April 20 Thursday night. Weigh In Ramp and Blast Off John C Land. You can use other ramps in the AM and travel by water to John C Land. You must check in and pick up boat/rules at weigh in trailer before blast off. Single file blast off - livewells are checked on the water. Blast Off Will Be at Safe Light As Determined by Tournament Director Brett Collins.
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