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2017 South Carolina Divsion Points Standings  

2017 North Carolina Divsion Points Standings


  • Santee Cooper-John C Land
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    A cool morning greeted us at Santee Cooper! You would think the cold would have kept us from seeing the normal Santee big bags but that was not the case!

    Patrick & Mark Williams brought in 5 bass weighing a whopping 33.05 lbs! They collected a $10,000.00 check for their efforts!

    2nd went to Barry Holloman & Joey Bramlett with another big limit weighing in at 30.03 lbs! They also took home the 1st SKEETER BONUS worth $4,000.00! All together Barry & Joey took home $9,000.00!

    Larry Parker & Glenn Altman took 3rd with 5 bass weighing 25.80 lbs! They claimed the 2nd SKEETER BONUS of $3,000.00 which pushed their total winnings to $6,500.00!

    Alan Fletcher & Donald Hinson brought in 5 at 19.24 lbs good enough for 10th and the 2nd SKEETER BONUS which was $2,000.00! All total Donald & Alan took home $2,850.00!

    4th SKEETER BONUS worth $1,000.00 went to Billy Bledsoe & Brian McDonald with 5 bass weighing 18.92 lbs! They received a total of $1,625.00!

    The BF of the Santee event was weighed in by Kyle McElveen & Chris Edge. She was hawg at 9.62 lbs worth $1,000.00!

    Thanks for fishing! The Next SC Event is April 7 at Lake Greenwood!
  • Lake Wylie-Ebenezer Park
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    Chip Crews & Joshua Stafford win big on Wylie! Chip & Joshua took home $11,000.00 with 5 bass weighing 18.95 lbs! They weighed in the BF also at 6.37 lbs! Great job guys!

    Tommy Williams & Thomas Hardwick took 2nd with 5 bass weighing 17.34 lbs and too home the 1st SKEETER BONUS for a total of $9,000.00!

    3rd went to Brent Long & Dave Stevens with a limit weighing 17.06 lbs worth $3,500.00!

    Matt Hayes & Derek Lilley came in with a limit of Spotted Bass weighing 16.72 lbs good enough for 4th and $2,500.00!

    Chris Dover & Robert Fowler finished 7th with 15.92 lbs and took the 3rd SKEETER BONUS! They took home $4,400.00!

    8th Place went to Tim Gaines & Mike Bryant with 15.75 lbs and they collected the 3rd SKEETER BONUS! All total they took home $3,300.00!

    Chris Graham & Ricky Byrd claimed 9th with 15.23 lbs and also took the 4th SKEETER BONUS with 15.23 lbs! They ha d $2,200.00 payday!
  • Lake Norman-Pinnacle Access
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    Thanks to the good people with Mooresville Convention & Visitors Bureau for hosting the CBC Lake Norman event!

    Ron Wolfarth & Larry Inman brought in a great sack of Lake Norman bass weighing 20.61 lbs to take the win with 220 boats competing! Ron & Larry took home $10,000.00!

    2nd went to Carl Meyers Sr & Carl Meyers Jr with another fat sack weighing 19.67 lbs! They collected $5,000.00!

    Jordan Wright & Chris Casey wrapped up 3rd with another heavy bag weighing 19.59 lbs and they earned $3,500.00!

    1st Skeeter Bonus worth $4,000.00 went to CJ Johnson & Matt Stanley with 5 bass weighing 16.91 lbs and they took home a total of $5,800.00 finishing in 6th place!

    Tommy Williams & Thomas Hardwick weighed in 16 pounds even and finished 10th. They collected the 2nd Skeeter Bonus worth $3,000.00 pushing their total winnings to $4,300.00!

    3rd Skeeter Bonus of $2,000.00 went to TJ Murphy & Matthew Burke with 15.72 lbs and they claimed 13th place. They took home $2,900.00!

    $1,000.00 4th Place Skeeter Bonus went to Paul Guthrie & Dave Know with 14.68 lbs which put them in 19th Place. Paul & Dave took home a total of $1,575.00!

    The BF of the day went to David Wright & Jeff Coble with a 6.59 lb largemouth! They collected $1,000.00 far that cast!
  • Lake Murray-Dreher Island State Park
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    We had a cold start to the 2018 season this past Saturday on Lake Murray but the fishing was on fire!
    Bradford & Dwight Beaver weighed in 5 fat Lake Murray bass at 27.27 lbs to beat out the other 162 teams entered! They also took home the 1st Skeeter BONUS worth another $4,000.00 pushing their total winning to $14,000.00!

    2nd went to Thomas Hardwick & Tommy Williams with another great bag of bass weighing 26.82 lbs and they also were fishing out of SKEETER which was good for a $3,000.00 BONUS! They took home a total of $7,950.00!

    Travis Parrish & Rodney Tapp weighed in a limit at 24.98 lbs good enough for 3rd and they earned $3,400.00!

    Barry Holloman & Joey Bramlett claimed 4th with 24.71lbs and theu collected the 3rd SKEETER BONUS which was $2,000.00! Joey and Barry received $4,300.00!

    Mike Stephens & Bryan New weighed in 23.09 lbs and the BF of the day at 7.63 lbs for a total of $2,700.00!!

    4th SKEETER BONUS went to Phillip Randolf & Ronald Moss with 21.40 lbs. They took home a total of $1,850.00!