2022 / 2023


Division Where When Entry Fee
Foothills Marine Lake Norman, NC - Blythe Landing 02-18-2023 $208.00 Tournament Info Google Map Results
Foothills Marine Lake Hickory, NC - Wittenburg Access 03-18-2023 $208.00 Tournament Info Google Map Results
Foothills Marine High Rock Lake, NC - Southmont Hwy 8 04-29-2023 $208.00 Tournament Info Google Map
Foothills Marine Lake Hartwell, SC - Green Pond 05-13-2023 $208.00 Tournament Info Google Map
Division Where When Entry Fee
Marshall's Marine Lake Murray, SC - Dreher Island State Park 02-04-2023 $208.00 Tournament Info Google Map Results
Marshall's Marine Lake Wateree, SC - Clearwater Cove Marina 03-11-2023 $208.00 Tournament Info Google Map Results
Marshall's Marine Kerr Lake, NC - Nutbush Ramp 04-01-2023 $208.00 Tournament Info Google Map
Marshall's Marine Santee Cooper, SC - John C Land 04-22-2023 $208.00 Tournament Info Google Map
Marshall's Marine TBA - TBA - Classic Day 1 10-27-2023 $208.00 Tournament Info Google Map
Marshall's Marine TBA - TBA - Classic Day 2 10-28-2023 Tournament Info Google Map
Tour Place

2018 CBC Classic Oct 26-27 Lake Wylie, NC

We brought the 2018 CBC season to a close this past weekend on Lake Wylie with 207 teams entered! Anglers from Va, West Va, NC aand SC competed! We want to give thanks to Visit York County and the great people at Ebenezer park for hosting our event! www.visityorkcounty.com The CBC is known for outstanding payback and at Lake Wylie the cash was flowing freely! We had 207 entries which totaledup to $41,400.00 and we paid back a total of $106,900.00! Scott Hamrick & Roger Hoover weighed in 10 bass at 26.38 lbs to take 1st Place and $50,000.00 at the 2018 CBC Classic on Lake Wylie on a very tough weekend to be on the water! Scott reported they caught their fish shallow on chatterbaits and crankbaits! Jody Wright & James Dyer claimed 2nd with 10 bass weighing 26.06 lbs! They stashed away a cool $10,000.00! 3rd went to Chris Baumgardner & Glenn Sparrow with another 10 bass limit weighing up at 25.91 lbs and took home $5,000.00! Wesley Cashwell & Shane Doughtie finished 4th with 25.35 lbs and claimed the 1st Skeeter BONUS of $4,000.00! Add in their $3000.00 4th Place money and they earned $7,000.00! Our 2nd Place Skeeter BONUS winners were Keith Porter & Tony Price with a 2 day total of 23.93 lbs! They also weighed in the BF of the Classic at 5.16 lbs! Their Skeeter BONUS was $3,000.00 and their total winnings was $6,000.00! The 3rd Skeeter BONUS worth $2,000.00 went to Stacey Richards & Brian Triplett with 9 bass weighing 23.61 lbs! Stacey & Brian took home a total of $3,350.00! Our Last Skeeter BONUS Place of $1,000.00 went to Steve Sink and Tony Foster with 10 bass weighing 22.69 lbs. They collected a total of $1,900.00! We also gave away a $1,000.00 by draw to Dwight & Bradford Beavers! Kiel Kelly & Chuck Whitaker also by draw will have their choice of boat number at either the 2019 Foothills Marine Division or the Marshalls Marine Division, We paid back a total of 34 places! Thanks for fishing with us and see you next year!

Tour Place

High Rock-Tamarac Marina, NC

The 2018 CBC Qualifiers are a wrap! Thanks for fishing the CBC! The 2018 CBC Classic will be help on Lake Wylie Oct 26-27 at Ebenezer Park. Practice days will be Oct 24-25 and off limit days will be Oct 22-23. Remember you had to enter 3 CBC Qualifiers in the same Division to be eligible to enter. Solo anglers are allowed. Thanks to our sponsors Foothills Marine, Marshalls Marine, Skeeter Boats and Lowrance! Ladd & Landon Whicker are our big winners on High Rock! The Father & Son team brought in a limit weighing 21.57 lbs and took home $10,000.00! Great Job! 2nd went to James Ball & Kyle Whisnant with 5 bass weighing 19.08 lbs and they took home $4,650.00! Right on their heels were Jason Thomas & Steve Summer with 5 bass weighing 19.07 lbs and they collected $3,150.00! Clint Benbow & Jeremy Beatty finished 4th with 18.93 lbs and they earned $2,050.00! 5th Place went to Wayne Ingram & Chris Brown with 18.85 lbs and they took home the 1st Skeeter BONUS of $4,000.00! All total Wayne & Chris received $5,550.00! Eric Moser & Jeff McQuaigue finished 6th with 18.56 lbs securing the $3,000.00 2nd Place Skeeter BONUS! All total Eric and Jeff received $3,925.00! Scott Henley & Robert Mixon weighed in 18.40 lbs good enough for 10th and the 3rd Skeeter BONUS of $2,000.00! Scott & Robert claimed $2,650.00! The last Skeeter BONUS of $1,000.00 went in the pockets of Roger Pope & Michael Smith with 17.57 lbs good enough for 12th. All total Roger & Michael earned $1,475.00! The BF of the event went to Thomas Richmond & Artie Phillips with a 6.90 lb bass worth $1,000.00!

Tour Place


We were greeted by some higher than average water levels at Wateree but the bass were cooperating with some of the teams! Barry Hollman & Joey Bramlett have been on a tear and they did it again! They win the Wateree Qualifier with 5 bass weighing 20.13 which gave them the 1st Skeeter BONUS $. All total Joey and Barry took home $13,200.00! 2nd went to Chad Gainey & Zach Smothers with 5 bass weighing 19.78 lbs! They claimed the 2nd Skeeter BONUS $ worth another $3,000.00! They took home a total of $7,000.00! Butch Williams & David Ethridge claimed the 3rd spot with 19.40 lbs and took home $2,500.00! Keith Porter & Tony Price finished 4th with 18.62 lbs! They earned the 3rd Skeeter BONUS $ which was $2,000.00 pushing their total winnings to $3,600.00! Thomas Hardwick & Tommy Williams came in 5th with 18.59 lbs good enough for $2,050.00 with the 4th Skeeter BONUS $ added in! The BF of the day went to Glenn Altman & Larry Parker with a 6.06 lb bass and they collected $1,000.00! Total payback was $45,800.00 which was $11,000.00 over the entry fees taken in!!

Tour Place

Lake Hickory

Another cool morning greeted us at Lake Hickory this past Saturday! The lake level was low but the bass were eating! We had our 2nd largest field with 174 teams fishing for a total of $45,800.00! Jeremy Talbert & Brian Robbins took the top spot with 5 bass weighing 21.52 lbs! They earned a check for $10,000.00! We had a tie for 2nd and both teams were soooo close to taking 1st! Ladd & Landon Whicker weighed in 21.49 lbs of Lake Hickory bass and took home $4,250.00! Also with 21.49 lbs were Chris Brown & Wayne Engram! They were our top Skeeter Bonus winners and took home an extra $4,000.00! Their day of fishing was worth $8,250.00! Chris Dover & Robert Fowler claimed 4th with 5 bass weighing 20.29 lbs and they were our 3rd Skeeter Bonus winners worth an extra $3,000.00! They grand total for the day was $5,500.00! Michael Smith and Roger Pope finished 5th with 19.94 lbs and they claimed the 3rd Skeeter Bonus! They added the $2,000.00 to their $2,000.00 5th place check for a total of $4,000.00! Mike Seawright & Greg Lovelace brought in a limit weighing 19.76 lbs to take 6th and the 4th Skeeter Bonus which was $1,000.00! All total Mike & Greg took home $2,250.00! The BF was weighed in by Ben Lattimore & Roger Hamrick at 6.79 lbs worth $1,000.00! Next NC CBC 2018 Qualifier is May 12th at High Rock!

Tour Place

Lake Greenwood

The 3rd stop for the CBC Trail in SC was at Lake Greenwood April 7th launching from the Greenwood State Park! Cool and wet weather was with us the whole day but it was still a good day on the water for some! The CBC pays back $11,000.00 above the entry fees! Bobby Stanfill & Shane Abbott go in on some the Skeeter action with 5 bass weighing 23.82 lbs good for 1st Place and the 1st Skeeter Bonus! They took home $12,000.00! Barry Holloman & Joey Bramlett claimed the 2nd Skeeter Bonus plus 2nd place money with 5 bass weighing 21.63 lbs! They also weighed in the BF of the day at 7.26 lbs. All total Barry & Joey pocketed $7,000.00! Scott Farmer & Samuel Freeman took 3rd with 5 bass weighing 19.08 lbs and they earned $2,000.00! Cole Winn & Lee Sawyer grabbed the 3rd Skeeter Bonus with their 4th Place bag weighing up at 19.04 lbs! They took home $3,500.00! Even Weaver & Tripp Clark rounded out the top 5 with a limit weighing 17.86! They collected $1,000.00! The 4th Skeeter Bonus went to Derek Smithson & Chad Pennell with a limit totaling up to $16.16 lbs! They received $1,600.00! Next up is Lake Wateree for the SC Division April 28th!

Tour Place

Santee Cooper-John C Land, SC

A cool morning greeted us at Santee Cooper! You would think the cold would have kept us from seeing the normal Santee big bags but that was not the case! Patrick & Mark Williams brought in 5 bass weighing a whopping 33.05 lbs! They collected a $10,000.00 check for their efforts! 2nd went to Barry Holloman & Joey Bramlett with another big limit weighing in at 30.03 lbs! They also took home the 1st SKEETER BONUS worth $4,000.00! All together Barry & Joey took home $9,000.00! Larry Parker & Glenn Altman took 3rd with 5 bass weighing 25.80 lbs! They claimed the 2nd SKEETER BONUS of $3,000.00 which pushed their total winnings to $6,500.00! Alan Fletcher & Donald Hinson brought in 5 at 19.24 lbs good enough for 10th and the 2nd SKEETER BONUS which was $2,000.00! All total Donald & Alan took home $2,850.00! 4th SKEETER BONUS worth $1,000.00 went to Billy Bledsoe & Brian McDonald with 5 bass weighing 18.92 lbs! They received a total of $1,625.00! The BF of the Santee event was weighed in by Kyle McElveen & Chris Edge. She was hawg at 9.62 lbs worth $1,000.00!

Tour Place

Lake Wylie-Ebenezer Park, NC

Chip Crews & Joshua Stafford win big on Wylie! Chip & Joshua took home $11,000.00 with 5 bass weighing 18.95 lbs! They weighed in the BF also at 6.37 lbs! Great job guys! Tommy Williams & Thomas Hardwick took 2nd with 5 bass weighing 17.34 lbs and too home the 1st SKEETER BONUS for a total of $9,000.00! 3rd went to Brent Long & Dave Stevens with a limit weighing 17.06 lbs worth $3,500.00! Matt Hayes & Derek Lilley came in with a limit of Spotted Bass weighing 16.72 lbs good enough for 4th and $2,500.00! Chris Dover & Robert Fowler finished 7th with 15.92 lbs and took the 3rd SKEETER BONUS! They took home $4,400.00! 8th Place went to Tim Gaines & Mike Bryant with 15.75 lbs and they collected the 3rd SKEETER BONUS! All total they took home $3,300.00! Chris Graham & Ricky Byrd claimed 9th with 15.23 lbs and also took the 4th SKEETER BONUS with 15.23 lbs! They had $2,200.00 payday!

Tour Place

Lake Norman-Pinnacle Access, NC

Thanks to the good people with Mooresville Convention & Visitors Bureau for hosting the CBC Lake Norman event! racecityusa.org Ron Wolfarth & Larry Inman brought in a great sack of Lake Norman bass weighing 20.61 lbs to take the win with 220 boats competing! Ron & Larry took home $10,000.00! 2nd went to Carl Meyers Sr & Carl Meyers Jr with another fat sack weighing 19.67 lbs! They collected $5,000.00! Jordan Wright & Chris Casey wrapped up 3rd with another heavy bag weighing 19.59 lbs and they earned $3,500.00! 1st Skeeter Bonus worth $4,000.00 went to CJ Johnson & Matt Stanley with 5 bass weighing 16.91 lbs and they took home a total of $5,800.00 finishing in 6th place! Tommy Williams & Thomas Hardwick weighed in 16 pounds even and finished 10th. They collected the 2nd Skeeter Bonus worth $3,000.00 pushing their total winnings to $4,300.00! 3rd Skeeter Bonus of $2,000.00 went to TJ Murphy & Matthew Burke with 15.72 lbs and they claimed 13th place. They took home $2,900.00! $1,000.00 4th Place Skeeter Bonus went to Paul Guthrie & Dave Know with 14.68 lbs which put them in 19th Place. Paul & Dave took home a total of $1,575.00! The BF of the day went to David Wright & Jeff Coble with a 6.59 lb largemouth! They collected $1,000.00 far that cast!

Tour Place

Lake Murray-Dreher Island State Park, SC

We had a cold start to the 2018 season this past Saturday on Lake Murray but the fishing was on fire! Bradford & Dwight Beaver weighed in 5 fat Lake Murray bass at 27.27 lbs to beat out the other 162 teams entered! They also took home the 1st Skeeter BONUS worth another $4,000.00 pushing their total winning to $14,000.00! 2nd went to Thomas Hardwick & Tommy Williams with another great bag of bass weighing 26.82 lbs and they also were fishing out of SKEETER which was good for a $3,000.00 BONUS! They took home a total of $7,950.00! Travis Parrish & Rodney Tapp weighed in a limit at 24.98 lbs good enough for 3rd and they earned $3,400.00! Barry Holloman & Joey Bramlett claimed 4th with 24.71lbs and theu collected the 3rd SKEETER BONUS which was $2,000.00! Joey and Barry received $4,300.00! Mike Stephens & Bryan New weighed in 23.09 lbs and the BF of the day at 7.63 lbs for a total of $2,700.00!! 4th SKEETER BONUS went to Phillip Randolf & Ronald Moss with 21.40 lbs. They took home a total of $1,850.00!